Call for Abstracts

CBEN invites abstracts for its annual meeting. The meeting is primarily intended for academics in the Low Countries who study or are interested in the study of cognition and behavior from an evolutionary perspective. However, we happily welcome participants from other countries as well. We particularly encourage junior researchers (PhD students and postdocs) to submit their work.

This year there is no central theme. Possible topics include but are definitely not limited to:

The evolution of cooperation and morality

The evolution of communication and language

Cognitive science of religion

Naturalistic studies of scientific development

Cognition and culture

Cultural evolution

The evolution of art

Primate studies

Developmental cognitive studies

The evolution of sex and sexual orientations

Evolutionary approaches to gender differences

The evolution of family

Evolutionary approaches to politics and economics

The evolution of war and peace

The emergence of institutions

Please submit your abstract (max. 300 words) by e-mail to Stefaan Blancke ( The deadline is 1 September 2021. We will send out notifications of our decision on 1 October 2021. Please indicate whether you would like to share your work under the form of a presentation or a poster. We aim for an offline meeting, but if necessary we will change to a hybrid or online format. For more information, please visit the meeting’s website ( or contact Stefaan Blancke (

We look forward to receiving your abstracts!

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